Curators ad Litem and Reporting Officers

GBA Supported Training Event

WHAT ? :- A practitioner training event for those Solicitors on the List of CALs and ROs at Glasgow Sheriff Court for Adoption and Permanence Orders.

WHEN ? : Wednesday 9th January 2019,
Registration from 3.30pm, 2 hours of verifiable CPD
WHERE ? : FDM Group auditorium, 6th Floor, 1 West Regent Street, Glasgow, G2 1RW.
HOW MUCH? : £10 each towards refreshments (A bargain!)
The event will include: –
A View from the Bench – Sheriff A Mackie
A View from a Practitioner – Lorna Anderson
A view from the Petitioner’s Solicitor – Claire Anne McFadden
Question and Answer Session

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