Following the post placed on to the Facebook page of Complete Clarity Solicitors on 2nd of February by Mr. Billy Smith, the GBA wrote to Mr. Smith on 6th February expressing our disappointment and anger on behalf of our members. Mr. Smith thereafter, on 7th of February, sent a profuse apology to the GBA acknowledging his mistake by his posting and offered his apology in the following terms:
“…… I would wish to take this opportunity to make absolutely clear that I have nothing but the utmost respect for the profession and my fellow professional colleagues, particularly those that choose to undertake work funded on a legal aid basis. I wish to absolutely and wholeheartedly apologise if there is anything that I have said which would be considered otherwise or to bring our profession in to disrepute. That was certainly not my intention or sentiment....”
Having considered this; we have accepted Mr. Smith’s apology and we will be taking no further action in respect of this matter.