SCRA took initial steps to preserve orders that were either deemed urgent or in danger of lapsing. These were administrative that simply preserved the status quo on an interim basis.  They have moved to a home working model and  offices are shut. Reporters are able to access the emails and I would encourage your members to maintain contact with us at this time.
This week SCRA conducted its first virtual Hearing. In essence this is a video meeting via the Vscene app. Our intention is to commence virtual Hearing in Glasgow tomorrow (26th March)  and then work towards a recognisable Hearing schedule as soon as possible.
At this point in time we cannot envisage physical Hearings taking place. We are keen for legal reps to become part of the virtual hearing process as soon as possible. I will let you know when we are able to do this.
In the first instance I would be grateful if you could pass this message on to GBA members. If a solicitor is aware of a scheduled Hearing taking place we would welcome views or submissions being sent to our mailbox. These views will be put before the Hearing. I am hopeful we will be able to advance participation next week and will keep you informed.

SCRA  mailbox is.