The GBA has previously stated our commitment to trial by jury in Scotland-

16.04.20 – GBA Executive Committee Submissions re Jury Provision – Covid-19

The GBA welcomes the statement from the Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf that the Scottish Government remains absolutely committed to the principle of trial by jury notwithstanding the current Covid 19 crisis. The GBA also supports the statement by the LSS that jury trials can and should be held in a way which protects both the health of participants and the integrity of the Scottish justice system.

Trial by jury is a fundamental principle of the Scottish justice system as it has been for centuries and as it must remain. We are therefore heartened by the news from the Working Group that planning is now underway for an initial number of High Court jury trials to take place in July.

We look forward to the re-commencement of jury trials in Scotland and offer our own assistance in any way we can to assist in this.

Executive Committee Glasgow Bar Association