I have just revisited my email, and thought I would make some clarifications and rectify an error I made in my initial email to you. The process outlined below is for the letter pleading guilty court, which does not in fact utilise the hotline!  Contact should be made with the  PF office should solicitors wish to plead guilty by letter and have their cases disposed of in the absence of the accused and agent. The PF email address to use I these circumstances is PFOHamilton@copfs.gov.uk



There is another process which you and your colleagues may already be aware of, but which I feel is worth reminding you about. This relates to guilty pleas in fresh custody cases. The hotline is available for use in such cases where accused persons desire to plead guilty. The attachment ‘Attendance by Electronic Means’ outlines the procedure,  and provides the hotline number Hamilton Sheriff and JP Court (business also calling from Airdrie, Lanark and Ayr) – Hotline number – 0300 020 4302 . Even though Airdrie business will no longer call in Hamilton and Airdrie Sheriff Court is open for business, this is the number to call. My understanding is that solicitors representing accused can utilise this hotline whether they attend at court or attend by electronic means.


I hope this is of assistance. If there are any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Airdrie Plea Guidance (1)

Airdrie Attendance by Electronic Means (1)