Dear Colleagues

Further to my email last Thursday after a virtual Deans meeting with the Sheriff Principal please see email from her regarding in civil cases being scheduled to call 6 per hour in specified time slots. This is subject to feedback from the Sheriffs. You will also note there had been complaints from many Solicitors of Writs being returned unwarranted on basis they had not been sent electronically to the email address. The suggestion was a phone call from the clerk to the solicitor to check whether it had been submitted. The SP has directed the Sheriff Clerk to do this to avoid duplication of work. It may be useful to keep a copy of the covering email and any acknowledgement on file from the Court in case of a query.

Finally the SP is prepared to conduct a webinar regarding the recent virtual proof she was involved with and presumably details for those interested will follow.


Paul McDermott

Acting Dean

Airdrie Society of Solicitors

Subject: Meeting with Sheriff Principal Anwar 16 July 2020

Dictated by the Sheriff Principal and sent on her behalf :


Dear All,

I refer to our meeting on 16 July 2020.

There were a number of issues which were raised and upon which it may be helpful to give you an update:

  1. The sheriff clerks are now working on the second interim court programme.  You indicated that there was consensus that six cases in one hour for bulk civil courts was the preferred option.  I am now taking soundings from the sheriffs and the clerks and will be able to let you know shortly how bulk civil courts will be programmed.
  2. You raised with me the issue that a number of writs are being returned to your members on the erroneous basis that electronic copies have not been received by the court.  You also explained the difficulties with delay in the delivery of the DX mail.  The clerks have now been instructed that before any initial writ is returned, they will make contact with the relevant agent and ask them to confirm whether the writ has been sent in electronically.  That will allow the staff to identify whether an email has been received but not actioned or the solicitor will be alerted and can send in the electronic copy by email.
  3. Alasdair has confirmed that his members would appreciate a webinar on virtual civil proof.  I have now made contact with both agents who appeared in that civil proof and provided that they are available and willing, I will make arrangements for such a webinar.

With kind regards.

Sheriff Principal Aisha Y Anwar

Sheriffdom of South Strathclyde, Dumfries and Galloway