We are advised that the following measures have been put in place for the diet court, to try and allow the court to run as smoothly as possible:-

  1. To allow for social distancing, only one defence agent can be present in the well of the court when the Clerk and PF Depute are present.
  2. Cases that are on the running list, which is displayed on our website a week in advance of the court hearing, will call as per that running order.
  3. Solicitors who wish to add to this list in advance of the court hearing can do so by emailing details of the case to glasgowslots@scotcourts.gov.uk  as per the Sheriff Principal’s instructions.
  4. Solicitors who wish to add to this list on the day of the court, should approach the court officer in court, ensuring that social distancing measures are being adhered to, to allow the court officer to add their case to that list.
  5. Once the court starts, the court officer will advise accused and solicitors when they can enter the court for their case to be dealt with.
  6. Due to the limited space on the second floor concourse, the accused and solicitor may be asked to return to the ground floor until there is adequate space outside the court for them to safely wait until they can enter the court for their case to call
  7. The court officer, will instruct security on the second floor to advise security based on the ground floor to let the accused and solicitor know that they can return to the second floor to wait outside the court until they are advised that they can enter the court.
  8. When in the court the accused and solicitor require to take a seat in the public gallery until the clerk calls the case.
  9. Accused and solicitor should leave the court-room and the area outside the court immediately after their case has been heard, which will allow other accused and solicitor the space to safely wait outside the court before their case is ready to call.