COVID Update for Monday 21 December

Dec 20, 2020


The First Minister announced a number of COVID related measures on 19 December.  Most notably all of mainland Scotland will be placed into level 4 COVID protection arrangements for a 3-week period – from Boxing Day until 16 January.

Courts and tribunals are defined as essential services that remain open under all 4 levels of the current COVID arrangements.  Business programmed for this week and the coming weeks will, therefore, continue as normal.  If you are due to attend a court or tribunal in the coming period you should continue to do so – unless specifically advised otherwise.


The First Minister stressed in her statement that Scotland is taking a precautionary approach in view of the recent rise in cases and the emergence of a new strain in England and Wales.  For everyone attending courts and tribunals at this time, we would reiterate that need for caution.  Our buildings are already configured to operate safely at level 4, and did so for a number of weeks during the recent level 4 period in large parts of west and central Scotland.  We will, of course, continue to maximise remote hearings where possible, alongside conducting essential business in our premises.


To maintain the safest possible working environment at this time we would remind everyone attending our buildings to take the simple precaution that helps keep everyone safe. These precautions remain the best tools against transmission so we all need to stick with them:  2 metre social distancing, frequent handwashing, wearing a face covering and registering with Safe2Go when you are on site.


We would like to thank all our service users and partners for their continuing co-operation in making our premises safe places in which to maintain the essential services of justice.


Guidance for SCTS Courts and Tribunals Users During Coronavirus



Susan Whiteford
Director, Corporate Communications

Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service
0131 444 3305