Dear Member,

Please see our correspondence with the President of the Law Society of Scotland.

11.12.20 – LSS – Guidance & Support for Practitioners

181220 Letter from President to Glasgow Bar Association 

Her email today provides an update with links –

“Dear Fiona,

My letter to the GBA was sent without reservation as you know and so it is a matter for the association to use as they see fit. Obviously things have moved on a pace even since then.

In terms of the wider information that may be of benefit to others as you helpfully highlighted, we have included on our website that information for the assistance of the profession which can be found here:

We have also tweeted the links and shared on LinkedIn for colleagues who have either of those channels as their major source of info.


Stay safe.




This will assist us in making recommendations of further action to members to advance our communications with the Scottish Government to achieve our goal of improved terms and conditions for legal aid practitioners.


Best wishes meantime,


The Executive Committee of the Glasgow Bar Association