Notice to members – staff at work in the Small office in the hub     

Notice to members – staff working in the hub.pdf 1

Dear Member,


The Executive Committee, in discussion with our Chief Executive, has now made arrangements for Moira to return to work to complete those tasks in the Court building that she cannot complete remotely.

It is anticipated that Moira will undertake those tasks for short periods during the course of the week during quieter periods in the day.

She will be primarily based in the Hub office space but will require to attend other parts of the Court Estate.

In the Hub there will be adaptations while she is working there. These are detailed as follows:-

  1. Any computer based work will be conducted in the small office to the rear. There will be a perspex barrier in situ at the interconnecting door. The laptop and mobile phone chargers ordinarily located there will be relocated to the main office for your continued convenience. They will remain where they are in the small office at all other times. A sign will be placed on the front of the door, as attached, to confirm that you may enter the Hub, one at a time.
  2. In the event that Moira is undertaking work in the main Hub office itself, particularly photocopying, social distancing cannot be observed. To allow you to access the office facilities in these circumstances, we would ask you to knock the door and wait for 5 seconds before entering. This will allow Moira time to move into the small office before you enter. Please see the attached notice.

When Moira is in, the offices will be well ventilated. Please ensure that you wear your mask and sanitise your hands before entering the Hub. Thank you for your cooperation.

Best wishes meantime.

The Executive Committee of the Glasgow Bar Association.