Dear Member,

Please see the below message and feedback any concerns arising. We have expressed our view that active consultation with the Bar would be preferable with reference to matters such as this and have been reassured this will be the case moving forward.

Kind regards,

The Executive Committee of the Glasgow Bar Association.

“Good afternoon all,

We are pleased to advise that from the 6th April 2021, Court numbers 5 to 8 inclusive can now accommodate jury trials with 2 accused in the dock.

Health and safety checks involving SCTS and GeoAmey have taken place. It has been confirmed that where possible, two metres should be observed between custody officers and accused appearing from custody. However if less than two metres due to the nature of their role, then PPE is worn. This applies to the dock situation within the court room.

Please note, where two accused are on bail, only one custody officer will attend and sit to the side of the dock area or public benches. Where one accused is on bail and one is in custody, a second custody officer will not attend, unless or until considered necessary in any case.

An additional table has been allocated for the agent in courts 5 and 7. In courts 6 and 8, use of the jury box has been opened up as there is no space for an additional table unfortunately. There is also additional seating available to the side of the dock area. We do appreciate that the seating is not ideal, however it provides a temporary solution during the pandemic and I trust this will be acceptable in all the circumstances.

We would emphasise that everyone must sit only in the designated seats to ensure social distancing. We also have some additional seating in the jury courts which can be used by agents who are waiting to speak with the PF or clerk.

The jury cameras have been moved to include visuals of these areas stated.

We would like to demonstrate what this will look like within a court room and invite you and your staff/members to attend on any of the following dates:

Wednesday 31st March and Thursday 1st April from 4.15pm-4.45pm, court 7.

Please let me know if you have any questions at this stage.

Best regards


Maureen Davidson

Joint Head of Admin and Estates Department

Glasgow Sheriff & Justice of the Peace Court