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Cohabitation Law Reform

The subject matter will be the reform of the law relating to cohabitation, in sections 25 – 28 of the Family Law (Scotland) Act 2006.
We will consider the Scottish Law Commission Discussion Paper on Cohabitation.
In particular, the issues raised in the paper will be discussed, including:
⁻ Should separate regimes for financial provision for spouses / civil partners and for cohabitants be retained?
⁻ Who should benefit from the legislation: how should “cohabitant” be defined?
⁻ Do sections 26 and 27 need to be updated?
⁻ How can the test in s.28 be improved?
⁻ Should remedies for cohabitants be extended?
⁻ Should the time limit for claims be extended?
⁻ How should cohabitation agreements be dealt with?
Delegates will be encourage to comment on the questions posed in the Discussion Paper and let us have their thoughts on possible reform of the law in this area.