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Members of the Glasgow Bar Association (GBA)  enjoy free contempt of court cover provided by senior members of the Faculty of Advocates as part of their membership.

This means any GBA members who find themselves in possible personal contempt of court situations in the course of their professional work will be advised and represented, if necessary, by Faculty members drawn from a panel of Scottish criminal bar members.

That panel includes Dean of Faculty, Gordon Jackson QC, virtually the entire senior criminal bar and a number of very senior juniors. This facility will extend to criminal and civil practitioners and will be provided with GBA membership 2017/2018.

The GBA has an  experienced court auditor Ken Carter  the first formally appointed GBA auditor. He will provide a range of auditing services to members and firms. Mr Carter is based at Glasgow Sheriff Court and will be available to help members with routine auditing matters and will also provide a rapid response service as necessary.

The GBA has set up a facility to assist members at court in time of crisis whether that be because of personal ill health or family issues. A committee of senior members of the association will organise cover for court diaries and liaise with members and their families as necessary.

A fully updated library with , for example, an up to date copy of Renton & Brown,  full copies of SCCR’s and up  to date publications of civil, criminal, road traffic, chidlren’s hearings and more.   We have a main library with computer terminals and copying facilities and a sub library.

The GBA offer reduced proce CPD To its members.  Around £30.00 cheaper than non – member rates

NQ Solicitors up to three years enjoy a reduced membership – half of normal membership price and the same as Trainee Membership and Country Membership.

We have a fully equipped office, offering fax facilities for court instructions as well as e mail, free photocopying and tea and coffee making facilities  – great for the days you are held up at court!

Access to GBA wifi

Social & Sporting events

Great Networking opportunities with over 450 members

AND – if you forget your Gown – we can loan you one!


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